Thursday, December 14, 2017
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The server useto automatically send a fault when always_populate_raw_post_data
was off. Now it will check for HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA first then check the
ini setting and if it's off it will finally send the fault saying the ini
setting should be on.

The client useto deny any request that doesn't have the Content-Type: text/xml.
I changed it so that it will check the header first if its not xml it will read
the first 5 bytes and see if its xml ("<?xml"). If that is true it will try and
process the request normall.

By default the server automatically exposed all methods available to php. I
changed it so that it doesn't expose any. You now will have to tell the server
every function you want exposed. See...

You can still expose all methods by calling


but its not default anymore..

New Features

On the server side you can now return custom faults.

function do_something($data)
  return new SoapFault(string "fault_string" [, string "fault_code"] [, mixed "details"] [, "fault_actor"]);
 return "thanks for suppling $data";

On the client side you can now see the seralized soap call

$client->some_soap_call(); echo $client->__getLastMessage();


I added php stream handling code for the upcomming streams in php-4.3.0. When
i did i change php_close_socket(socket) to close(socket). So all of you client
calls are keeping a connection to the server. So if you are calling multiple
calls to the same server you will notice a huge performance difference.

Fixed a few mem leaks.

The config.m4 file in the tar ball won't be a tar ball again.

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